Frequently asked questions. 

like everything else, being proactive to prevent unnecessary costly repairs will maximize the lifespan of the product. Asphalt maintenance is no different, in fact even more so because of the high amount of harmful exposure to oxygen, automobile traffic, snow, heat, water, winter salt, and oil chemicals that are proven to weaken your driveway thus jeopardizing its longevity. Also, the typical asphalt on driveways are not made to last long, they have shallower foundations and are several grades below public roadways which still go through several repair services and maintenance before replacement. With timely repairs and sealing from Osaz Sealing you can expect 3 things:

  1. Beautiful curb appeal to your driveway or parking lot. We all appreciate a visually appealing functional asphalt that makes vehicles and pedestrians feel safe while reflecting positively on the property owner.
  2. extending the lifespan of the asphalt is by far what’s on the minds of property owners due to the high construction costs of new pavements. We only use the highest grade of products to service pavements which ensures a greater life cycle.
  3. at Osaz sealing we work closely with property owners to provide them cost savings not only in the initial repair and sealing work but also limiting future costs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

In this industry, you get what you pay for. Its true that a lot of property owners are cost conscious and that is why we try and work closely with everyone involved to reduce costs based on the square footage of the property, the condition of the asphalt, the condition of the cleanup. Going the cheapest route does not equal the best option in the long run. The material used could further damage your already weak asphalt. Our mission to you is to always do the job right the first time, therefore saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairs and repaving. For a personalized consultation and advice contact us today.

As a general rule, sealing your driveway every 1 to 3 years is ideal. Once the sealant starts to naturally oxidize and become dim you should consider re- applying sealant which will continue the protection.

Depending on the temperature and humidity of the next few days. Vehicles should be kept off the new sealed surface for an average of 48 to 72 hours. In some cases, such as double coating we recommend staying off for as long as possible usually more than 72 hours. Parking should be done before sunrise and after sunsets. Walking however can be done within 24 hours.

At Osaz Sealing we only use the highest recommended grade of oil – based sealant called BLACKMAC EMULSION SEALER from McAsphalt Industries Limited, that once applied it bonds with the asphalt surface quickly and dries to a natural hot mix asphalt, so in the unlikely event of rain a couple of hours after your driveway has been sealed the sealer does not wash away. Unlike other materials like the acrylic sealant which are usually bought in stores, their curing time is much slower and susceptible to washing away or cracking in extreme weather conditions.

In most cases residential driveways will need only one coat of sealant. The opposite is true in most cases for commercial lots because of heavier and frequent movement of vehicles, that is why we usually recommend two or three coats for parking lots. Also, if an asphalt surface has never been sealed, then it may require a second coat in order to have a better finish and added protection the property owner deserves.

Committed to delivering excellence.

Our objective has been to improve the curb appeal of your property and parking areas by providing quality asphalt sealing and repair services.